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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Criminal Cowboys and Idiots One, Great-Grandmothers and American Landowners Zero

Cliven Bundy is the new hero for the Far Right.

Cliven is a rancher and the story goes that the mean old environmentalists were insisting that he can't graze cattle on land he's been grazing them on for YEARS because 'it might hurt a tortoise'.

He 'stood strong' and defied the bad old government and thousands of armed citizens held a tense stand-off, all to defend HIS right to graze HIS cattle on HIS land.

Except that's not what happened.

It's not his land. It's federal land.

And he hasn't been paying his $1.35 per cow/calf lease fees for TWENTY ONE FUCKING YEARS. He owes the American taxpayers, including the idiots who were defending him, over a million dollars.

Meanwhile, the Keystone pipeline has been laid over land seized by eminent domain...PRIVATE land seized by eminent domain that is now used to bisect our nation over aquifers that supply millions of people with water and millions of acres of farmland with irrigation with a pipeline that is already leaking some of the dirtiest, foulest sludge imaginable and piping it (mostly) down to the international port of Houston.

It has to get to Houston for processing (taking billions more gallons of fresh water- something drought and fire-ridden Texas can CLEARLY spare)because it's not staying here. 100% of it is being sold overseas. Oh. And the pipeline itself is owned by a foreign corporation.

Where the FUCK were the thousands of armed citizens when THAT happened???

Nowhere. Families took the corporation to court and little old lady landowners handcuffed themselves to bulldozers and protesters were arrested and hauled away and all were berated and belittled and it was labeled some sort of ridiculous granola-crunching falderal by the far right ignorant, belligerent, incessantly yammering honking heads.

This was THEIR land. Not federal land. Taken. By a foreign entity. With the help of our government.

And yet...even here in gun-totin' gubment-hatin' Texas...NOTHING.

Just to the north of here- land that'd been in a family for generations, huge trees, pecan orchards (do you know how long it takes for a pecan tree to get to production age? A SHITLOAD longer than for a cow and calf to get eaten, Cliven)...all ripped out and replaced with that pipeline.

But where were the thousands of armed citizens to protect great-grandmother Eleanor Fairchild, who got hauled off to jail for trying to defend her property and her orchard? WHERE???

Guess she just wasn't 'cowboy' enough to warrant their attention.

Rather they make a big fucking deal out of an old criminal in a cowboy hat who cheated them out of one million tax dollars.

Way to pick your battles, assholes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Hobby Lobby...

I confess. I went into Hobby Lobby recently. I used to go all the time, before Michael's moved into the strip mall that's closer to where I work. I remember that Hobby Lobby and Michael's were essentially the same store.

Maybe I'm seeing things through different eyes now, but I don't remember HL being quite so in your face Christian before.

Walk into Michael's and it's...craft stuff, home decor, art supplies. Sure, in the home decor area there's stuff with crosses on it and sure in the picture frame area there's frames that say whoever's photo you stuff into it is a blessing to you somehow, but that's normal- especially here in the Bible Belt.

Hobby Lobby?

Holy shit. Really- the entire store is nothing but holy shit.

It was everywhere. I could literally not swing a cat without hitting something with the word 'Jesus' on it.

*And lemme tell you for the record- neither the cat nor store security considered that a valid measure, but it's a measure that's always served me well so I'm sticking to it.

Seriously, ya'll. Not only in home decor, but every single aisle had something bible-related prominently displayed. Every single center-of-the-big-aisles island was mounded up like it had been burped straight from the bowels of the Sea of Scripture- one little craggy atoll of religiosity after another from stem to stern the entire length and breadth of the store.

If I hadn't needed a cupcake pan for my snacks class in our secular, non-Christian liberal-lovin' co-op I would've walked right out.

Not because I'm allergic to Jesus (I'm sure those hives came from something in the air...) but because of their whiny-ass complaining (all the way to the Supreme Court) that they don't want to provide reproductive health care for their female employees under that mean ol' healthcare bill.

Specifically this- (from their own Wikipedia page) "In September 2012, Hobby Lobby sued the United States over new regulations requiring health insurance provided by employers to cover emergency contraceptives, stating that, "The Green family's religious beliefs forbid them from participating in, providing access to, paying for, training others to engage in, or otherwise supporting abortion-causing drugs and devices."

What they're talking about is stuff like 'the morning after' pill- that flushes out a woman's uterus BEFORE THE EGG CAN BE FERTILIZED. So...not an 'abortion-causing drug or device', just something they think is icky and might encourage 'loose behavior'.

I can see that. I can see where a corporate person (because they're ALL PERSONS NOW thanks to Citizens United) would live such a godly and upstanding life that they'd never, ever EVER be in a position to need something as tawdry as a morning-after pill.

Nothing they'd ever have to walk back on and think, "That was probably not my best life choice."

Wait. Lower down on their Wiki page is this (italics from the page, bold is mine)-

"In September 2013, a shopper reported being told by an employee of the store in Marlboro, New Jersey, it did not carry merchandise celebrating Jewish holidays. While the store carried Christmas items, they did not carry items related to bar mitzvah, Hanukkah, or Passover. The store employee told the shopper that these items were not sold, due to the owner's Christian values. In response, Hobby Lobby apologized for the employee's comments, stating that it has carried Jewish holiday items in the past, and would do so in test areas beginning in November 2013."

'Test areas'? What are they testing? To see if people who dive into Hobby Lobby for a full-on Jesus immersion would be offended by a section celebrating some OTHER religion?

Oy Vey.

Dear Hobby Lobby,

It's me- the old heathen hippie who darkened your pristine doorstep to purchase a cupcake pan for use in a totally secular home school co-op. We meet in a Unitarian Church, but I know that counts for nothing in your holy book. Because there are books on ALL religions, spiritual beliefs AND SCIENCE on the bookshelves of that church and you need only the one book. Whatever.

I just wanted you to know that I won't be back.

Oh, I could stand the almost total scriptural suffocation suffered from every shelf of your store...although you may consider changing your name to "Hobby Lobby Christian Craft Store"- that would both bring your flock flocking in even more fervently as well as warn us sinners to maybe not wear our pentagrams on the day we go to Hobby Lobby. Maybe.

I just can't abide the hypocrisy.

See, everywhere I read something about you, the one thing that's stressed when you're being small-minded bigots is that you're doing it out of the goodness of your Christian Values.

Now, I grew up Lutheran which I know is not considered a 'real' Christian religion down here, but we were taught that Jesus Christ (where the word 'Christian' comes from in case you forgot that) was pretty big on forgiveness and charity and compassion...all those words today's real corporate and political Christians think are 'weak and sinful'. He was big on loving humans- all of us imperfect messed-up carbon-based creatures who slog through life doing the best we can most of the time. He was huge on second chances and not a big fan of hypocritical assholes, especially those who chose to judge other people.

I don't think Jesus would approve of your Christian Values.

So you've gone all the way to the Supreme Court to defend your (defenseless) 'right' to not provide the morning after pill to your female employees. What, exactly does that save you? Pennies? Percentages of pennies? What is it costing you? Millions? More than millions?

Here's the thing, Hobby Lobby. You're not a church. You're a public business. You may have a Christian owner, but you're not a Christian entity. Sort of like the US is not a Christian nation, but it has a majority of Christian people. An ever-shrinking majority thanks to shenanigans like this.

Your employees might not all be Christians. Because siphoning your employment pool to only include one Faith is illegal as hell. Maybe I'll go apply at Hobby Lobby. I'd love to see what your interview process is like...

As a public company, you may not force your religious beliefs on your employees. May not.

So here's what I suggest. I suggest you take that millions of dollars you're willing to spend on a non-defensible and totally reprehensible stand and do something good with it. Put it towards school programs that actually TEACH the birds and the bees and not just 'don't do that', so that young people won't have just old-wives tales about when you can and can't have sex to not get pregnant.

Saying you 'love the sinner but hate the sin' has a lot more meaning when your boots-on-the-ground includes education beforehand rather than focusing on punishment afterwards.

Spending millions of dollars to prove how godly you by denying your employees legally available (and NOT ABORTION-INDUCING) health care seems more than a little assholish to me when it could be spent in many more...Christian endeavors.

What WOULD Jesus do?


Sheri Dixon

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You Learn Something New Every Day

Today was the primary election here in Texas, and it went about how it always goes for me.

The primaries are 'straight party' elections, so you choose to vote R or D. Here in East Texas, they used a potted palm to sit in the chair of the D side until I moved here, and now they need a real person to do it. She brings her knitting and waits for me to get there, then she can go home. I am mostly not kidding.

It was a philodendron.

I admit to not really paying much attention to the other stuff. The stuff at the end of all the names you can vote for. The propositions. I just always assumed they were the same for both parties. Turns out, they're not.

The propositions at the end of the names you can vote for are chosen by each party as things that they want to put forward in the general election in November. Shit that's really important to them.

Lets look at them here and you'll get a pretty good idea about Texas politics. Everything from here on in and in italics is typed directly off of the news reports and not my own wittily embellished stylings.


ON IMMIGRATION REFORM- The United States Congress must pass immigration reform; including an earned path to citizenship for those individuals contributing to the economy and the dependents of those individuals. 86% for/13% against

A LIVING WAGE FOR ALL TEXANS- Congress should pass legislation raising the federal minimum wage to at least 110% of the federal poverty level for a family of four without exception. 90% for/9% against

MEDICAID EXPANSION- The governor and the Texas legislature should accept federal funds; as provided in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010; for the expansion of Medicaid to provide coverage to millions of uninsured and underinsured Texans. 89% for/10% against

NON-DISCRIMINATION LEGISLATION- The Congress and the Texas Legislature should adopt legislation that expands protections against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. 88% for/11% against.


RELIGIOUS FREEDOM- Texans should be free to express their religious beliefs, including prayer, in public places. 97% for/2% against

SECOND AMENDMENT- Texas should support Second Amendment liberties by expanding locations where concealed handgun license-holders may legally carry. 86% for/13% against

FRANCHISE TAX- Texas should abolish the state franchise tax, also known as the margins tax, to encourage business growth. 88% for/11% against

WELFARE REFORM- Texas recipients of taxpayer-funded public assistance should be subject to random drug testing as a condition of receiving benefits 95% for/5% against

NO LAWMAKER EXCEPTION- All elected officials and their staff should be subject to the same laws, rules, regulations and ordinances as their constituents 99% for/1% against

OBAMACARE- The Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare", should be repealed. 93% for/6% against

Alrighty, then. Lets recap, using only the actual propositions and not my interjected interpretations.

Texas Democrats are for immigration reform, a living wage, the FREE Medicaid expansion that would insure millions more Texans and non-discrimination.

Texas Republicans are for public prayer(I'm sure that includes Muslims), MORE GUNS, less taxes on the rich, drug testing the poor to punish them as much as possible, (actually- the NO LAWMAKER EXCEPTION one is ridiculous- they already have to abide by the same rules we do, ya morons but I LOVE that the 99% actually did outvote the 1% on this one) and to repeal Obamacare...which isn't even the name of the damn thing so as far as I'm concerned- you want to literally repeal OBAMACARE??? Repeal away, idiots!

What a bunch of short-sighted, small-minded selfish assholes.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Circle of Politics

So I've noticed something.

There's always been a huge segment of American society who consider themselves 'moderate'. Republican and Democrat, they are moderate. Everyday folks who get up, point the kids towards school, drive to work, put in their time for the paycheck to pay for shelter, transportation, food, utilities, clothing and maybe a modest vacation once or twice a year. They don't pay much attention to politics, but they do vote and they do expect a basic set of stuff from their governments.

Protection of society as a whole- Roads, bridges, schools, libraries, police departments, fire departments, parks, utilities- all the things that make a civil society and keep us relatively safe.

Protection of individuals- The rights of free speech, religious freedom, equality between human beings without fear of reprisal or discrimination.

Protection from those in power- oversight and regulations making sure corporations don't poison us, work us literally to death, blow us up or destroy the environment, and making sure bankers can't tie us to the railroad tracks if we are unable to pay our bills on time.

See that? ^^^ That shit up there is basically all most folks want from their governments. And as long as the roads are drivable, the police show up when you call them, you aren't personally seeing any overt and blaring discrimination and the water out of your own faucet can't be set on fire everything's cool.

If you're used to voting R you'll pull that lever and if you're used to voting D you'll pull that lever- always for the guy who's picture you've seen the most and whose name you recognize from the tee vee ads with the flag and the eagle screaming in the background. Yay, America!

There's always been some form of 'far Right' and 'far Left', but those were small and chuckled at, regardless of how fierce they tried to look.

Then along came the Tea Party. Oh, it started out innocent enough- people who wanted to follow the constitution, and who thought the current administration isn't doing that. That the former administration(s) hadn't done it either is immaterial. They just now noticed so it just now matters.

Then they got a HUGE boost in funding from the Koch Brothers- you know, for America.

And now the Tea Party is a big ol' Fundamental Christian, gun-worshipping anti-government machine that has pretty much crapped all in the cogs of how things are supposed to work in DC. Guess they figure if it's not going their way, they will just blow it up. Because compromise is a dirty word. And any American who doesn't agree with them isn't a REAL American anyway and should just move to Hawaii. Because that's apparently not part of the US. But Canada is- right Ted Cruz?

The Right has been pulled so far to the Right that it's fixin' to tip right off the edge of this here flat planet. And what a loss THAT would be.

What that did was pull the Left not just towards the middle, but into what used to be Right, JUST to keep up with (the perceived) call for a more conservative nation.

Moderates on the Right are shaking their heads and thinking, "What is THIS shit?" when they see the bibles being thumped and women's rights being trampled and voter suppression and fucking Ted Nugent on the campaign trail with a serious candidate.

Moderates on the Left are shaking their heads and thinking, "What is THIS shit?" when they see regulatory commissions being headed by the very people they are regulating and the Keystone Pipeline being green-lighted and not a god-damn thing being done to the folks who caused the crash of '08 and who keep getting even richer.

And here's what's happening.

The moderates ARE still here- they're just on the other side of the circle. They've trotted along behind the wave of their parties until they couldn't stand the direction anymore and they've broken off- letting the batshit crazy far-Right pull the former Left off the edge of the earth and they're coming together again.

I'm Left. Way far Left. Left of Liberal, ya'll. I generally can't see a Democrat in my rear-view. The times I am able to talk (without getting barraged by FAUX News and Yell Radio talking points) to someone who identifies as Far Right, we agree on way more shit than we disagree on.

So often I hear that we need a viable third party because the two we have are not serving the majority of the people anymore.

Here's the problem with that. We're so used to a two-party system that one of our current parties is going to have to implode, literally crash, burn and not exist anymore for the rise of another party to be feasible.

Luckily, the GOP is obliging.

The danger is now. It's cornered and not going down without taking as many with it as it can- hence the many many wars it's fighting- the wars that make Halliburton and Raytheon very wealthy of course, plus the wars on women's rights, gay rights, the environment, the middle class (JOB creators? Are you fucking kidding me?)and basically anyone who is carbon-based and not incorporated.

And if you're a moderate Republican, you see the flag and hear the eagle and the narrator saying what a good American and Constitutionalist (and here in the Bible Belt, CHRISTIAN) the candidate is, see the happy smiling family portrait at the end of it and don't look any farther.

Because once they DO look, both sides of moderate generally say, "They voted for WHAT???"

And on the other side of the circle, moderates and semi-radicals are gathering and agreeing on things like personal choice for personal decisions- family planning, marriage, food, housing. Access to good healthcare and higher education paid for by everyone's taxes for everyone to use without question or stipulation- like roads and schools and police departments are now. Tax the churches. Dismantle our standing armies. Things that really ARE in the Constitution...because there's more to it than fucking GUN RIGHTS.

I believe if we are ALL vigilant and keep the death-throes of the GOP from dragging us all down with it, we'll come out the other side stronger, better and more of what we should be. Not even "what the Founding Fathers intended" because face it- the Founding Fathers were all rich landowners (and slave owners) and were forming a nation for other rich white guys- not women, not minorities, and definitely not poor people of any gender or color.

If we can survive this next bit of extreme political truly fucking dangerous bullshit, we can do what they never dreamed of.

Here on the other side of the circle.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Texas GOP Primaries- Hilarious if You Don't Live Here

Our TV has a habit of staying on all night.

I fall asleep watching House Hunters.

Ward wakes up multiple times at night and turns on various channels; Al Jazeera, Discovery, for a while I was having weird dreams about The World's Most Comforable Bra, the new Shark Vacuum and Buns of Steel which was very annoying.

So Ward took to having our 'local' channel on overnight. And I say 'local' because our stupid satellite provider's territories go by counties, not proximity to cities with TV stations. Therefore, our 'local' station is in Dallas- almost 100 miles away, and not Tyler- 20 miles away and where we go for all our big city shopping and where I know- LOCAL.

But I digress.

That worked pretty well for a while- a small buzzing of news and so-forth from the Dallas area; weather, overnight shootings at the stockyards, traffic congestion, overnight shootings in Oak Cliff...

...until this morning. Apparently, today starts the blitz of



Here in Texas we get to choose which GOP candidate will run against Wendy Davis.

Now, keep in mind our current Texas Miracle Governor is Slick Rick Perry, who is not running again because he has bigger fish (he thinks) to bludgeon, shoot and fry on a national level- and a more slimy, selfish, unlikable asshole you'd be hard-pressed to find. So the field is really heating up to prove that there are MORE people who are MORE batshit crazy intent on pillaging and raping our state and its people every which way to Sunday.

Because Sunday they spend at church.

We've got Greg Abbott, who went straight for CrazyTown when he announced that he's taking along Ted Nugent on the campaign trail. I guess like a mascot. An ill-tempered non-housebroken mascot.

We've also got Ken Paxton, who now has the dubious honor of having Ted Cruz's endorsement. Well, dubious unless you buy into Teddy's fake, syrupy, tear(or something)-jerking love of 'Merika. Note Teddy says, "Ken Paxton is a tireless servant. Ken Paxton stands and fights, whether it’s fighting against ObamaCare or fighting for Voter ID, or fighting to defend our Religious Liberty" which is all pretty horrifying if you're an actual thinking human American and understand that translates into "Ken Paxton will do everything he can to make sure Texans continue to have the highest percentage of uninsured people, the most obviously gerrymandered districts and ID laws that do nothing except keep people from voting, and keep this a CHRISTIAN Nation run on CHRISTIAN BIBLE LAW." Nope. Nothing Un-American THERE.

The real cake-taker is Dan Patrick, which is weird because he's not even running for governor. He's running for Lt. Governor, but that's OK. He makes up for lack of ambition with true genius insanity. Because in a state that has a huge Hispanic population, in a party that is 'officially' looking to be more inclusive of 'other people' (that means women, people of color, gay people...anyone not male, white and over 65), this guy is running on the following platforms-

-Stronger border security and Sanctuary City legislation. Because we need to legislate Sanctuary Cities. Those things that don't really exist.

-Opposing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (the DREAM act- which allows students who QUALIFY with superior grades in high school to attend college at in-state rates. The majority of these kids' parents came here when they were tiny and they don't KNOW any other home)because...fuck. I can't think of one good reason not to encourage ANY young person to get higher education. Not one.

-Reform Education and provide more choice which means more privatization of public schools. What a fabulous idea. I'm sure it'll work every bit as well as our privately run health care industry.

-Pass campus carry and protect the Second Amendment because nothing is a better idea than encouraging a demographic that is by definition emotionally turbulent and prone to sleeplessness, stress and a shitload of booze consumption to be armed with loaded weapons. How could that possibly go wrong?

-Cutting property taxes, business taxes and wasteful government. Everyone wants less taxes, right? Why should *we* have to pay for schools, fire departments, police departments, roads, public water, etc...we don't use that stuff and neither do our businesses. The fact that Texas is number four in pollution, and has a less-than-mediocre report card for all infrastructure
? Totally irrelevant. LESS TAXES!

-Defend life and traditional marriage. No explanation needed there.

And finally-

-Defend Texas against Washington. Sounds pretty secessionist to me, Danny Boy. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, and that you mean it in a generic "big government is bad, m-kay?" sort of way. And it's certainly not meant to stir up the whole 'Obama is a Muslim Kenyan Literally Hitler' crowd, right?

Except your actual campaign catch phrase is
"Secure the border. Fight Obama".

Yep. Nothing personal there.

I'm a Texan- not born here but been here over 20 years now. I love this state. I absolutely abhor what the GOP has done to its people, its industry, its environment and its morale...just in these last 20 years. I voted for Ann Richards. Texas has NOT ALWAYS BEEN A RED STATE, no matter what the fucking talking heads on FAUX News and Yell Radio say and for damn sure no matter what this new crop of GOP douchenozzles tries to sell us.

Rick Perry's Texas Miracle is that any of us have survived it.

I do not believe we can take another round of governmental domestic abuse. "Vote for me, darlin'. I know we've screwed you over for 20 years but THIS TIME will be different. I know what's best for you. No one loves you like I do. Trust me."

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."- Sinclair Lewis

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time Flies

Happiest of birthdays to my baby...14 tomorrow.

You have your dad's compassion and intelligence
And my sunny disposition and questionable sense of humor

I cherish every single day I've had with you

You were a precious baby
A precocious and goofy toddler
A curious and bright and funny boy and now
You are a remarkable and amazing young man

And we are so very proud of you.

We love you, son- Happy Birthday.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh, Look! It's the Tea Party Comrades...

I love the far right emails that litter inboxes like dandruff and get (cackled at/hollered at/righteously indignated at) brushed off and forwarded with the speed of light- most of the time without being read any farther than the subject line, and almost assuredly without
a) Fact checking

b) Evaluating their own reactions

c) Actually thinking about what the hell they're agreeing with.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has allegedly said that "negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board, then struts around like it won the game."

a) He never said that. I've heard it for years attributed to all different people, but as Snopes points out the first recorded place was talking about creationists. Nice. And fitting.

b) The people who forward this LOVE it- anything that makes the President look like a pompous fool is always welcome in their camp, whether or not it makes any damn sense at all considering Putin is proudly pompous and notoriously non-negotiating of nature, oh and by the way

c) he's sort of a Communist...using the definition ya'll give Communism, which is WRONG but it's the one you've always used so we'll go with that. You're agreeing with a Communist. You hate Obama with a red-hot hatred because he's "turning 'Merika into a Socialist Muslim Communist country" and you're agreeing with the leader of the biggest freaking Communist country ever known to mankind. Here's where you scream and chortle and say, "HAH! There's where you're WRONG! Putin is NOT Communist- he's a member of the United Russia party which is NATIONALIST, not COMMUNIST!" If you can call Obama a Socialist Muslim Kenyan, I can call Putin a Communist. At the very least he's a URINO...and I love the sound of that. And I love that I just made that up. Before coffee.


"Unless the Muslims knock off fucking with Russia and the area around the Olympics in particular, Putin will nuke Mecca"

a) This one is hard to verify. Go ahead, google it. There was one article in Time that stated that there would be 'stern retribution' and then page after page of rightwing echo chamber blogs and shit that use the 'nuke Mecca' line...followed by unanimous cheering and "HELL! I'll go with 'em!" sort of posturing. Almost pigeon-like. Coo coo cachew.

b) I actually love the image of the Tea Party and other right-wingers marching side by side with the Ruskies. Joe McCarthy would be so proud of ya'll. Really.

c) Of course you must realize that if anyone were to actually nuke Mecca it would not eliminate the 'Islamic Threat', because Islam is the second largest religion in the world and very few Muslims live in Mecca. You want the actual, for realsies end of the world? Shit. Never mind. Of course ya'll do. You have all those guns and MRE's and Survival Seeds to use up.

So lets recap.

You LOVE Putin because he's an arrogant, well-educated politician who is pushy and brash but who does what (he thinks) needs to be done no matter how unpopular it is to his actual people who live in his actual country. He also looks completely badass shirtless riding a prancing steed, which proves he's a real man's man who does what he wants, when he wants and fuck everyone else.

You HATE Obama because he's an arrogant, well-educated politician who (you feel) is pushy and is doing what (he thinks) needs to be done no matter how unpopular it is to you- who even I admit are actual people who live in this actual country. He also looks completely badass shirtless at the beach, which proves he spends time with his family and absolutely no time at the office and is a total leach on the taxpayers.

Putin spent sixteen years as an officer in the KGB so that proves he's savvy and ruthless and (maybe just a little Communist).

Obama was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER for three years acting as director for a small Catholic (less than 20 employees) foundation with a budget of under $500,000 and that focused on tenant rights, job training and college prep. The horror.

But we all know what being a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER leads to.

Just ask humanity's most successful Community Organizer...Jesus.

***Note- I am NOT comparing Obama with Jesus, so simmer down. All ya'll Christians can put down those Bibles you were fixin' to thump me with and all ya'll Tea Partiers can put away that cross you just built with alacrity.

***Additional Note for the Tea Partiers- alacrity is not a brand of glue or a type of lumber. Look it up.

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